Ben Chilwell may get Chelsea closer to title than Kai Havertz.

Ben Chilwell may get Chelsea closer to title than Kai Havertz.
Kai Havertz signed for Chelsea yesterday, ending months of speculation about where the former Bayer Leverkusen midfielder was going to end up. It had been clear he was coming to Chelsea for some time, but the announcement of the move dragged on and on, with fans driven to distraction by the delay.
So focused were they on the superstar’s arrival that another move went relatively under the radar. After his own mini-saga, Ben Chilwell arrived two weeks ago, but most of the reaction to that signing was “great, now ANNOUNCE HAVERTZ!”
But as much as Havertz is the bigger global name and the more exciting talent, Chilwell is the player who more immediately upgrades this first team. His competition at left back – Marcos Alonso and Emerson Palmieri – both seriously disappointed last season, and Frank Lampard’s frustration with the pair of them was totally evident at times.
The coach went back and forth between the two of them as the season went on, unable to coax a good run of form out of either. Left back was a far bigger weakness than attacking midfield for the Blues, and while it’s obvious that Havertz was an unmissable talent, Chilwell comes in as a more instant upgrade to the first team.
Chilwell will shore us up on the left, and the free transfer addition of Thiago Silva will hopefully add some experience and some steel to the centre. Cutting out just 5 of our most stupid goals in the league last season could easily add 10 points to our total, and leave us on a very respectable total again this year.
Then next summer comes the final piece of the puzzle – a new goalkeeper. Kepa has been costing up points for too long now, and getting even just a competent stopper in would bring us another few points on its own.
So despite the Havertz hype, it could be simply improving in our weak points that really catapults us back into contention for league titles again, rather than adding the German to our already formidable attack. We find out just how far this team has come next Monday, when we play Brighton in the first match of the new Premier League season.
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