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Welcome To Another Glorious week

Welcome to another week, by the grace of God this week shall be wonderful for you and all yours in Jesus mighty name.

Ezekiel 36:9

See, I care about you, and I will pay attention to you. Your ground will be plowed and your crops planted..

This week, whatever caring of the Lord is, will come your way and come over you this season in Jesus mighty name.His attention shall be upon you for good and your family this season.

Hosea 14:4

 The lord says, “Then I will heal you of your faithlessness;     my love will know no bounds,     for my anger will be gone forever.

Beloved, rejoice you are the choosing of the Lord,His Mercy shall rest upon you and your family.

* The work of your hands shall progress.

*Great shall be your Peace this season.

*God shall Protect you and Defend you this season.

Favour that Will stand you out among many shall come upon you in Jesus mighty name.

You are favored by God and by Men this week

Be wise ,preach the gospel and support His purpose here on Earth.

Good morning, great days ahead in Jesus mighty name.