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MySQL Functions

MySQL Functions

Function is a database object in SQL Server. Basically, it is a set of SQL statements that accept only input parameters, perform actions and return the result. Function can return an only single value or a table. We can’t use a function to Insert, Update, Delete records in the database table(s).

In T-SQL, a function is considered an object. Here are some of the rules when creating functions in SQL Server.

MySQL Advanced Functions

Function	Description
BIN	Returns a binary representation of a number
BINARY	Converts a value to a binary string
CASE	Goes through conditions and return a value when the first condition is met
CAST	Converts a value (of any type) into a specified datatype
COALESCE	Returns the first non-null value in a list
CONNECTION_ID	Returns the unique connection ID for the current connection
CONV	Converts a number from one numeric base system to another
CONVERT	Converts a value into the specified datatype or character set
CURRENT_USER	Returns the user name and host name for the MySQL account that the server used to authenticate the current client
DATABASE	Returns the name of the current database
IF	Returns a value if a condition is TRUE, or another value if a condition is FALSE
IFNULL	Return a specified value if the expression is NULL, otherwise return the expression
ISNULL	Returns 1 or 0 depending on whether an expression is NULL
LAST_INSERT_ID	Returns the AUTO_INCREMENT id of the last row that has been inserted or updated in a table
NULLIF	Compares two expressions and returns NULL if they are equal. Otherwise, the first expression is returned
SESSION_USER	Returns the current MySQL user name and host name
SYSTEM_USER	Returns the current MySQL user name and host name
USER	Returns the current MySQL user name and host name
VERSION	Returns the current version of the MySQL database

SQL Server String Functions

mysql gif
Function	Description
ASCII	Returns the ASCII value for the specific character
CHAR	Returns the character based on the ASCII code
CHARINDEX	Returns the position of a substring in a string
CONCAT	Adds two or more strings together
Concat with +	Adds two or more strings together
CONCAT_WS	Adds two or more strings together with a separator
DATALENGTH	Returns the number of bytes used to represent an expression
DIFFERENCE	Compares two SOUNDEX values, and returns an integer value
FORMAT	Formats a value with the specified format
LEFT	Extracts a number of characters from a string (starting from left)
LEN	Returns the length of a string
LOWER	Converts a string to lower-case
LTRIM	Removes leading spaces from a string
NCHAR	Returns the Unicode character based on the number code
PATINDEX	Returns the position of a pattern in a string
QUOTENAME	Returns a Unicode string with delimiters added to make the string a valid SQL Server delimited identifier
REPLACE	Replaces all occurrences of a substring within a string, with a new substring
REPLICATE	Repeats a string a specified number of times
REVERSE	Reverses a string and returns the result
RIGHT	Extracts a number of characters from a string (starting from right)
RTRIM	Removes trailing spaces from a string
SOUNDEX	Returns a four-character code to evaluate the similarity of two strings
SPACE	Returns a string of the specified number of space characters
STR	Returns a number as string
STUFF	Deletes a part of a string and then inserts another part into the string, starting at a specified position
SUBSTRING	Extracts some characters from a string
TRANSLATE	Returns the string from the first argument after the characters specified in the second argument are translated into the characters specified in the third argument.
TRIM	Removes leading and trailing spaces (or other specified characters) from a string
UNICODE	Returns the Unicode value for the first character of the input expression
UPPER	Converts a string to upper-case

SQL Server Math/Numeric Functions

Function	Description
ABS	Returns the absolute value of a number
ACOS	Returns the arc cosine of a number
ASIN	Returns the arc sine of a number
ATAN	Returns the arc tangent of a number
ATN2	Returns the arc tangent of two numbers
AVG	Returns the average value of an expression
CEILING	Returns the smallest integer value that is >= a number
COUNT	Returns the number of records returned by a select query
COS	Returns the cosine of a number
COT	Returns the cotangent of a number
DEGREES	Converts a value in radians to degrees
EXP	Returns e raised to the power of a specified number
FLOOR	Returns the largest integer value that is