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Develop your grammar aptitude


WORD : Reflex PART OF SPEECH : Noun TRANSCRIPTION : /ri:fleks/ MEANING : An action or a movement of your body that happens naturally in response to something and that you cannot control ; something you do without thinking. EXAMPLE : The doctor tested her reflexes.

WORD : Dilate PART OF SPEECH : Verb TRANSCRIPTION : /dialeit/ MEANING :To become or make something wider, larger or more open. EXAMPLE : Red wine can help to dilate blood vessels.

WORD : Elite PART OF SPEECH : Noun TRANSCRIPTION : /ili:t/ MEANING : A group of people in the society who are powerful and have a lot of influence in the society because they are rich and intelligent. EXAMPLE : In this recession, only the elite can afford sending their children to school outside the country.

WORD : Domicile PART OF SPEECH : Noun TRANSCRIPTION : /dɑmisail/ MEANING : The place where somebody lives, especially when it is stated for official or legal purpose. EXAMPLE : He came to my domicile but I was on vacation at that time.

WORD : Lurk TRANSCRIPTION : /lɜ:k/ PART OF SPEECH : Verb MEANING : To be or remain hidden so as to wait in ambush for someone or something EXAMPLE : A crocodile was lurking just below the surface.