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Online Education — The Best Platform For Learning

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Education has been considered a necessity for students and people at large and that can be achieved via the act of learning for students it’s mandatory to pass their exams. Statics has shown that during the pandemic season in 2020 that online education and learning increased as there was no access to physical classes and lectures held for students and non-students across the globe. The question is how were they able to learn which aided their learning productivity? This is a detailed article that has the answer to that question and it’s important to scroll to the next page as you find out how

Table Of Content
•What Is Online Education?
•Characteristics Of Online Education
•Benefits Of Online Education
•Pros Of Online Education
•Cons Of Online Education
•Ways Of Enhancing Learning
•Best Learning Platforms

What Is Online Education?

Online Education is the act or process of acquiring knowledge through the virtual world known as the internet. Why is it a process? This is because it involves adequate time, resources, and energy invested to gain knowledge. Learning is a process if it was not so then for instance the school system should not have had 6 yrs of learning program and 6yrs to 7 yrs of learning program in the universities even in business, most businessmen and women you see successful today have invested time, days, weeks, months and years in learning.
Today’s era we are in is the technology and knowledge era and if you don’t catch up by updating yourself with knowledge and learning in the specific area you find yourself you will be obsolete. Like I said in the introduction earlier, the 2020 pandemic season lead to the increase in the use of phones for online education as a substitute for learning as there were no physical classes held across the world. Students, business owners, and people had to adapt to the virtual world i.e the internet for online related resources and materials for studies. The recent development it has been found that online education has been a great tool to enhance learning and it has helped a lot that you don’t have to carry a big or large number of books around at your discomfort to read but online has made it easier than before now.

Characteristics Of Online Education

There are countless characteristics I have found using the online platform to aid my learning which I will share some of them below:

  1. It is fast and easy to access.
    It has been made easy that you don’t need to struggle or have any issues to access any information
    just a few clicks are needed.
  2. Resource Materials are free to use except a few are paid ones.
    Some materials have been made free to access even if you don’t have money to pay for others that requires some special access. With the help of Google today we have millions of content with valuable information that you can access.
  3. It’s reliable.
    It has been helpful over the years till now. Based on the recent statics shows that Google remains the biggest search engine in the world why? People are looking for are learning online.
  4. There is no limit to information.
    There is a lot of information that you don’t need to base your research on just one content from a website while there are other websites to access other resources to add to your knowledge and learn.

Benefits Of Online Education

There are benefits to prove the impact and efforts the internet has put in place for online education which include:

  1. It Saves Time.
    This has been a great tool and therefore has helped enhance time management without having the stress of spending energy, time, days, weeks, and months.
  2. Improvement In Communication
    Throughout learning, it has been recorded that it has improved communication skills through online programs held a good example is the pandemic season when online classes were held.
  3. Online Career
    The virtual world has made it possible that we can now have virtual classes without having physical classes and waiting to have lectures through the help of our today’s technology system and Artificial intelligence. People can now have a degree program online and at the end of the day there is still offered the certificate to ascertain their learning productivity and that they passed this career program.

Pros of Online Education

There are many things that it’s offered to us far beyond what the previous years have and that i will share one amongst them below:

  1. They’re affordable.
    Material resources are easy to afford and within your reach that you just haven’t got to seem for a book store to face in line and wait before you may be attended to.
  2. It’s available worldwide.
    It’s not like some books written by an author whose copy has not gone worldwide. But is out there within your location whether or not you choose to travel today.
  3. You learn at your own pace
    You are not learning with others where the teacher has time to attend for you to catch up with him or her to hide certain topics. But with the help of virtual education, you learn on your own and might even repeat educational videos you bought or purchased for better understanding.

Cons: Things I Disliked About Online Education

There are a lot of cons to learning online, they are:

  1. Inappropriate content
    Some websites are involved in exploring inappropriate images, videos, etc within the course of giving out resource materials to people at large which could be a great disadvantage to students particularly and has harmed the minds of the young ones.
  2. You’re Easily Distracted
    Instead of being attentive to getting knowledge, some find themselves visiting social media chats and messages and by so doing may find themselves not actualizing their goals.
  3. Long-Term Use Of Devices isn’t Good For Health
    We all should know that the attention absorbs light within the retina a part of the attention and switch cause a mirrored image of inverted images seen which the central system which constitutes the brain and medulla spinalis. The brain picks it up through the transmission of impulses and converts the image to its actual position. Also, our devices emit radiation which isn’t good for our health. just in case you’re curious about learning more about your health >>>CLICK HERE<<< to take my channel and learn more.
  4. It’s made some lazy to read hardcopy books
    While trying to ease the strain has also made some to be lazy not knowing the actual fact that the aim of online education is to help us and expand our knowledge of materials that we cannot access from a far distance.
    Below are ways in which can enhance your wit still as help curb the cons of online education
  5. Wrong Information
    It is important to induce the proper information for the proper place if not you may be going about telling people the incorrect thing which may be a disadvantage.

Ways Of Enhancing Online Education

There are proven ways of enhancing learning which has helped me, which are:

  1. YouTube
    It is an excellent learning platform where you’ll find videos associated with your area of search. Visit and sign on YouTube today to urge access to free video materials
  2. E-learning apps
    This can be available in the shape of paid or free ones which is additionally a decent way of learning because the contents are verified before there are been uploaded to readers. Examples include udemy, skillshare, light reader,edx, Coursera, etc
  3. PDF Files
    Textbooks nowadays are transformed into PDF Files without having the concerns of carrying around an oversized number of massive textbooks.
  4. Wikipedia
    This is another excellent computer program platform that has good informative and academic content for readers. Which has also aided my knowledge experience.
  5. Encyclopedia
    It’s also a decent resource dictionary to use at your disposal.
  6. Website
    No matter the inappropriate content on some websites there are many good once you’ll be able to find good content in it and know that you just can’t find all the answers in one learning platform you’ve got to still make use of the website to help your learning experience level.

Best Learning Platforms

The best learning platform which has been of great resource over the years now includes the followings:

  1. YouTube
    You get updated with fresh videos on your specific search results. I’ve got found this app of great use and 80% of my learning experience and exposure was gotten from it.
  2. E-Books
    This is helpful and one in all the simplest because the resources are carefully written down and they are verifiable you’ll be able to find a number of them on Amazon platforms, etc.
  3. E-learning Apps
    Is also good and aids learning as I said earlier some can are available in the shape of free and a few are bought. Videos in most e-learning apps are attached to facilitate intelligence not only for students alone but for everyone.
    If you have got anyone mentioned above or outside this that you simply find suitable use it to your advantage to not have any excuse for not getting the most effective.

In Conclusion

Knowledge can not be functional until it’s intentional, when it’s intentional you will value it. People that know the importance of education will seek for you. If you found this text to be helpful please share it and remember to return back for more.

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