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Canva — Best Graphic Design Apps For Android

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Canva is an app tool that helps you make graphics designs in the comfort of any of your devices used. This app has free and paid features in it and it’s accessible worldwide. I once had issues and worries about how to make beautiful and amazing designs not until a met a friend of mine who told me about Canva. They talked about it a lot that the owners of this app runs adverts for it on social media platforms which I saw and I decided to go check this out to my great surprise I was amazed and if your here trying to figure out how to make designs worry no more because this article is a detailed one that has reviewed this app and has the answer to the question you have been looking for, scroll through the next section.

What Is Canva?

Canva is an online app tool that allows you to make graphics design with the help of customized templates. Canva is not just an app it is also a website that works on all platform devices like android and IOS. There are many features that this tool carries that you need to try out yourself. It’s easy to use that you don’t struggle to figure out a design for yourself even if you are the type that likes to build and make designs from the scratch, it does that as well.

How does It work?

It is pretty simple and easy, like a said earlier it can be used in its website form or app. For those who will love to use the website platform here are the requirements;

1.Visit @

2. Sign up to access the features in it.

For those who love to use the app platform, here are the requirements;

1. Visit the play store 

2. Sign up on the play store if you don’t have an account.

3. Click on the search button and type Canva.

4. Click on download.

5. Open after download to start using it today and make designs.

Features Of Canva

There are great features I found using this app and its website as well and this didn’t in any way prove to be a burden to me while using it. Here are some vital things I found useful that Canva offers you: 

1. Customized Templates Designs

These customized template designs are very great features I found exploring this graphics app that I don’t worry so much about any designs to make and these templates are good-looking designs that help assist your ideas to a creative design.

2. High Image Quality

In terms of high image quality, they are impressive to some extent in making a logo, flyer, or any other design of your choice.

3. Auto Save Designs

Even if you’re phone is on the verge of 2 to 0% while you design, it auto saves automatically so that you don’t lose your project work. It’s a great feature 

 4. Magnification

You can customize your Images by width and length/height using this app or the website but it works better in the website mode.

5. Content Planner

This is like where you plan an event that is coming up or an event that you would like to attend this feature is a great one, although it can be seen on our mobile devices its content planner is with a different test, go and try it out and see for yourself.

Pros: Things I liked about Canva

There are great advantages I found using this app myself which include the following;

1. It Is Easy

You don’t struggle with any of the features in it to make use and they are self-explanatory that you don’t need a one-week tutorial except you don’t know how to design which you can visit YouTube today and learn how to make designs with Canva.

2. It Is Easily Accessible

You don’t need to be in any particular country before you have access to it. It works wherever you are, only what you need is to sign up today and start exploring wonderful designs.

3. Image Formats

This one thing I like about Canva is that if you can’t find other file formats like JPEG, PDF, and the rest you can find them in Canva. This is a good advantage among other apps that are used in making designs.

4. Storage

There is no limit to storage and you can save as many projects you want in Canva and off it.

5. Optimization

They optimize their customized template designs so they can give their users the best customer experience. It’s a great advantage that you don’t have to stick with an old design and keep your clients with the same pattern of designs instead of a new one.

6. No Ads Contained

This is a good advantage that you are not disturbed by any adverts while making a design, of course, you know how hectic this can cause.

7. Fronts

There are a lot of fronts at your disposal to explore in making awesome designs 

that you don’t worry about finding fronts of your choice to make use of.

8. Compatible For All Devices

It is acceptable on all devices like the IOS and Android.

Cons: Things I Disliked About Canva

There is no doubt that they are disadvantages of a particular thing we are using today. Below are some of the disadvantages;

1. It Is Not Free

What do I mean by is not free? is that, to access the premium designs you have to pay for it because that is used in paying out their own graphics designers working under them that have taken their time to create the free portion and the paid portion of the template designs to make good use of. You can pay for this monthly or annually to access the Canva Pro templates design and it is affordable but if you don’t have enough cash to pay for it, you can still make use of the free ones what matters is how you design not just only using the best designs.

2. Front Desk

Not all front desks are free, so you can’t access them without paying a fee.

3. Background Removal 

Only people who have purchased the Pro version have access to this feature and we all know that any graphic designer or photo editor cannot do without this feature. Free users cannot use it.

4. Image Transparency

Transparent images cannot be saved for those who need png or any file image format to be saved and that makes it a disadvantage of using them.

5. This is not a standalone tool

This is a disadvantage for some people because some people like to work offline, so the choices are varied.

Results Of Using This Tool 

The results of using this tool were very anonymous, which helped to increase the level of productivity, not to mention some drawbacks. A good tool for beginners interested in graphic design and more.

How Do Other People Rate Canva?

For these tools, reviews cannot be ignored, because they help to set the level of performance. For me, this is great and I would give it 5 stars. On the other hand, the Play Store has 8 million reviews and over 100 million downloads.

 What Is The Best Alternative To Canva?

There are undoubtedly many choices and preferences. Best Canva Alternative:

1. Pixel Lab.

2. Coral Draw [software]

3. Adobe Illustrator [software]

 Is It Safe To Use This Application?

It is important to ensure certain usage so that no one gets scammed to pay for the Pro version. Yes, it is safe to use, all transactions are safe for people using the premium version of the app, and the app has been verified by Google Play Protect.


It was a great experience to use this tool and what I really like is the new update attached here. It’s good to try something new and not stick to one thing. I recommend this as a beginner’s guide to graphics before using more advanced applications and software. If you like this article, please share it so others can know.

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