Business Ideas In Nigeria – 2022

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There are a lot of business ideas in Nigeria you can make money from, but it all depends on you to make a choice of which one to go for. Are you are here looking forward to how to make earns from a small business with little or no capital and grow it? Well, you are at the right place. This article is a detailed one that has the answer to the question you have been looking for. If you’re curious then hold on tight and keep reading through

What Is Business?

Firstly, you need to understand what business is all about because when the purpose of a thing is not known abuse is inevitable. According to the English dictionary, business in its simplest form is defined as

” a person’s regular occupation, profession, or trade”.

It also means a platform where you create and provide value that people need or want and make a profit from. You must understand the fact business is a part of daily life and if you must succeed, you will not take it for granted.

What Are The Aims Of Business?

Any business that aims to make money and build wealth is to gain financial freedom. We all know that our today’s world is fast-changing and to survive you need to have some doing which I will be listing down below. Always remember this in business, the measure of value you offer determines the money you make from the business industry. With all said let’s jump right into what you need to know.

 Here is the list of business ideas for in Nigeria:

1. Bakery

This is one of the easiest ways of making money in Nigeria as a woman with the knowledge of baking you make earn for yourself without having to depend on someone for anything. I know a friend of mine who wanted to make a living for herself she learned bakery and today she makes 50,000 to 100,000 naira weekly. Some may ask how possible is that in Nigeria, the answer is yes because in the bakery business to learn how to make a cake, chin-chin, bread, meat pie, etc. when you learn this you can make home delivery services for people and charge them for this and not just only selling at you shop stand.

2. Catering Services

We all know that “a hungry man is an angry man”. This is a big industry today that business owners are making a profit from. All you need is an experience in cooking and getting the right catering utensils that are used, people need these services today across Nigeria and most especially where events like weddings, birthday parties, etc. are held, and be sure that your profit is guaranteed.

3. Tailoring

This is another booming industry in Nigeria today where men and women want to wear the latest dresses and look beautiful wherever they are found. All you need is a good sewing machine and experience in making dresses and designs and you will start making them. This business will keep functioning as long as we keep existing what are you waiting for, take this time and opportunity and invest in it.

4. Hair Saloon And Cosmetics

Beauty is something you all know a woman cannot do without. No woman wants to look ugly even in her father’s house- just kidding. Every woman wants to look beautiful, take advantage of this business idea today and rest assured of your daily income and profit. This is also open to the men as well because the women of today prefer a masculine gender to make their hair than their opposite gender but is for those who can do it. If you can try it out today.

5. Livestock Business

This is a business you can start today and make daily revenue. What I mean by livestock business is selling chicken, goat, and others meat as well to customers who come to market to purchase meat for daily cooking. It is a lucrative business venture and you stand a chance of making millions monthly from it.

6. Cloth Business

Here you sell already made clothes without having the stress of buying a sewing machine, buying a fabric material, or trying to make a dress for a customer. People today both men and women and parents prefer to buy already made clothes because of the beautiful designs made by cloth design companies like Channel, Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Fendi, etc. for themselves and kids without having to wait for days upon days to have their clothes made for them in a tailor’s shop when they have an occasional or ceremony to attend to with such clothes. It must not be a boutique wears you have Aba made, etc. You can get and sell without having to set up a boutique for such.

7. Barbering

This is also a lucrative business idea in Nigeria today where you can make a living for yourself today. All you need is to get the barbering tools and quip yourself and rent a place today with the experience gained you will succeed in it.

8. Digital Business

Know this “there is digital abundance in the world” The world is filled with digital abundance many can look but only a few can see. The tools that will make you successful in the business industry are around you but you’re not making use of them. Invest in the digital business today because the era we are in today is the knowledge and technology era and that is why we are equipping our readers with the best resource materials with knowledge on technology on our website and also on business which many are missing out from this great opportunity. There is space up in the sky for everyone to succeed if only you can put in the work. To make a living in this industry you will need to learn to be experienced even if you’re not an expert in this field. Stop running around looking for free money invest your time, energy, and resources, learn and earn


Here are the digital businesses in Nigeria you can do:

1. Photography

This is a unique business that anyone interested in it can venture into. Some fewer people are into the photography business although in some states they are very competitive and in some parts of the states in Nigeria, these services are in high demand like Lagos, Abuja, Port Harcourt, etc. If you are venturing into such business you’re at the best advantage if you’re on a social media platform like Instagram, Twitter, and Tik Tok, you stand a chance to be hired for any job offer today.

2. Affiliate Marketing

This is the most trending of them all we see today in Nigeria and is very competitive because everyone is looking for who to buy a product or service from them. Some are paid like Expertnaire, Selar, LearnoFlix, etc. while some are free which you hardly find like the Fiverr Affiliate program, etc.


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3. Content Writing

You get paid to write articles for websites or blog owners. Website owners need content writers who can write for them and in turn, you make money today, you may be wondering where can I find them is simple to use the link above and start Fiverr today or pay for Facebook ads so they can find you today, you can sign up on Narialand or Opera News today and upload content and get paid.

4. YouTube

Sign up for YouTube today and start making videos of the particular niche you are into today and post them on YouTube, get them monetized after you have passed the requirements of 1k Subscribers and 4000hrs watch hours and start earning thousands of dollars monthly.


Always remember that everything you venture into has its advantages and disadvantage. And as you should know it’s inevitable and as such persistence is important to stand firm. If all I have said is you find anyone convenient for you based on your time and capital together with the free ones go for it and I hope to see you succeed in it, remember to come back for more business tips.

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