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 7 Apps For Productivity That Will Make Your Life Easier 

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Have you ever thought that apps can help boost your productivity levels and help make your life easier and stress-free? In this article, you will learn about this app, its functions, and how it is being used, all we talk about is stick tight as you learn.

What Is An App?

An app or what we know as a mobile or computer application is specifically designed to perform a certain task for its users and runs on devices like our smartphones, tablets, note pads, and the rest of other devices you can think of. Some apps are designed also to store their data.

What Is Productivity?

The word productivity in line with the oxford wordbook defines it as “the effectiveness of productive effort, particularly in business, as measured in terms of the speed of output per unit of input. Things have been made easy for us the only we have to do is to put this app to work and it will carry it out and some are designed to task your brain and improve your life. Remember when we talk about productivity we are not just talking about work alone but other categories that our lives revolve in. These apps are available for both android and iOS users and we will be listing out;

1. Audible

2. Elevate

3. Duolingo

4. Photomath

5. Forest

6. Spending

7. Pixal Cut



This is another app that helps those who love to read books. These books have been put into what we call audiobooks not just only it but as well with a podcast. It is a paid app but you get a free trial from them and you can subscribe monthly to get one additional book. This helps to boost the reader’s productivity levels and is not limited to students as well. Get it today and see your growth level increase.



It is another educational brain training game app that helps stimulate your brain. This app is popular if you are the type that is conversant with your play store. It is a mathematical game app that helps aid your percentage calculation with numbers it is an interesting app that you should try out today don’t say it’s for a student alone because you that is into one business or the other deals with percentage calculation of the profit you make every single day



This is good for those who want to learn how to speak different languages. It teaches you this with some lessons and quizzes. If you’re interested in learning how to speak a particular language, do well to go check this app right away on the play store.

Photo math


This app is an educational app that is specifically designed to help students and users with solving mathematical problems. This is achieved by taking a photo of the mathematical equation and the app will instantly solve the problem step by step it cannot solve word mathematical questions but never the less this app is a great tool that helps students learn productivity level. This app is a paid one and it is not free.



When I mean forest is not talking about the forest within your various location-just kidding. This app is geared towards driving your productivity, study, and work level. It is quite shocking that on the android device it is free and other hand it is $3.99 for iOS device users which bears the name flora-green focus. A simple task helps you to be more productive. It rewards you for your productivity via the use of a timer to where you are planting a tree to start as a small leave. For instance, if you want to study for a particular period, you set a time and the timer grows like a leaf into a tree and gives you a notification when you are done studying by indicating that your tree has grown and it rewards you with a coin for the ios device users using the flora you will be charged if you want to quit the timer set to achieve a certain task.



Yes, spending, are you surprised by the word spending. It is an app that helps your expenditure rate and maximizes your financial growth. It can be quite difficult when to use but with time you get used to it. In the app, you have your expense where you get to do your finance expenditure calculation and you have your income. For expense calculation, it categories it into shopping, clothes, gifts, eating out, fuel, sports, and travel or you can decide to select the general option in which you calculate everything at a goal and you can see a chart of it

Pixal Cut


The pixal cut is an Ai graphic designer app that is specifically designed to help users with photo designs and photo editing. This app helps in masking out background from an image to give you a transparent image format and it works when you take a picture then you slide to remove the background and it process it and mask out the background which you can see when you when making you of the app. Use can click on the chosen style to select the type of background you want it to be if it is a plain background or a plain white background like a photo shoot or a transparent background or colored background with a stroke-filled line around the image taken. You can equally apply this to your profile image, not just the one taken from with the app, and edit your images, and product photos as well to your full taste. 

There are also other features you get to find when making use of this great editing tool like the make a profile photo like a said earlier, create film stories, create animation stories, wedding images, holographic images, and digital creation, food blogger, eBay listings, use of color backdrop and many other templates and great features. At the top bar, you access more features like the magic eraser, collages, canvas, batch, photos, and so on. This app-free version is limited to 10 free cutouts although you can get more cutouts by referring and inviting your friends to use such an app and the paid version gives you access to unlimited cutouts, premium templates, exclusive fonts, and is updated weekly. Go to the google play store today and download this app and see these amazing features and what value it has to offer to its users.

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